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Garbage Disposal Repair in Wichita, Ks

Garbage Disposal Repair 

Searching for a reliable garbage disposal Repair company in Wichita? Here at MVP Plumbing we service and repair many brands and models of disposal, Kennmore, InSinkErator, KitchenAid, Moen, WasteKing, and Whirlpool. No matter the brand you can count on your trusted MVP Plumber for Plumbing solutions!

Garbage Disposal Repair In Wichita, Ks
What causes a disposal to back up or clog?

A Garbage Disposal Back Up or Clog can occur due to many different reasons. Some common ones are:

- Improperly installed garbage disposals. Disposals, that do not have enough space between them and the sink. This can cause food particles to get stuck in the blades and eventually cause the blades to break off.
- Overloading your garbage disposal. If you have too much trash going through at once, this could cause the motor to burn out.
- Using the wrong type of garbage disposal. You should only use a garbage disposal designed specifically for kitchen sinks.
- Not cleaning your garbage disposal regularly. When you don't clean your garbage disposal, it can become full of gunk over time.
- Using old parts. Old parts can wear down faster than newer parts, causing the blades to stop working properly.

How to unclog a garbage disposal with standing water

Having a sink full of dirty water after dinner can be stressful, and un-sanitary. This can put a damper on clean-up. there are a few tricks you can try before you have to call a plumber.

  • Using a sink plunger to push the clog through your drain.

  • Use a  allen wrench or garbage disposal key to move motor blade from bottom of garbage disposal

  • Removing the p-trap under disposal. You want to have a bucket and keep a sink stopper in sink drain so all the standing water 

Some times the clog is further down the line and needs cleaned with a sewer machine. The kitchen sink drain line is one of our most common drain cleaning service requested. We offer same day affordable drain cleaning to Wichita, Ks and beyond. We stand behind our work and offer a warranty on our drain cleanings.

Ready to schedule a service? Give us a Call or Text at (316)-553-3077. Or Schedule Online. We are always available Mon - Sun 24/7.

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